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Wuhan high-end endowment apartment: check-in threshold is high The highest in more than 20000 yuan per month

Date: 2019-02-08

Capital guru "aimed at high-end pension market in wuhan

At the threshold to pay 900000 deposit, need monthly pay 20000 yuan Wuhan has thousands of old people enjoy this service

Years later, the state of China resources investment in han yue time remaining center will be opened, Greenland group investment, raise the hotel will open their doors.Not only that, taikang corp., the home of taikang ChuYuan will officially open within this year.Wuhan high-end pension market will have welcomed the good news.

In fact, as early as in 2013, wuhan first positioning high-end endowment fits best to open in town.After a few years, big players are in the pension market layout.In March 2017, the state council issued the "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" national undertaking development and pension system construction plan, encourage enterprises enter the pension services such as finance, real estate, the Internet industry, using their own advantages promote healthy endowment service quality and efficiency, wuhan pension services but also entered the development fast lane.In early 2018, cosco, shigeru ChunXuan elderly apartment began trial operation;Largest public private project in September 2018, wuhan wuhan kyushu nursing home life hall opened, plus a series of good news this year, high-end pension market in wuhan city has become a "beacon" of investors.

According to incomplete statistics, wuhan has more than thousands of the old man is enjoying the high-end pension services.The reporter discovers days to visit, these high-end endowment apartment is expensive, the highest monthly pay 20000 yuan, some check-in threshold will need to deposit 900000 yuan only, more than eighty percent of the elderly people in the survey said "but want to live off".

On 31 January afternoon, the reporter went to kyushu life hall nursing home to visit, the nursing home is in central China's largest pension agency PPP project (public private), located in hankou railway station, the transportation is convenient.Since officially opened in September 2018, has more than 230 old man.Bedroom bright, daylighting is ventilated good, introducing the concept of "proper aging", a room with rounded corners furniture, intelligent call system, helps the bath chair, intelligent closestool, omni-directional safety rails and a series of barrier-free facilities, 1st floor to the fifth floor is equipped with the hospital outpatient service and rehabilitation therapy.

Ocean, shigeru ChunXuan elderly apartment near downtown Hong Kong road, soft opening at the beginning of 2018, serviced apartment of provide for the aged, the combination of "modern and traditional" design style, the panorama French window, the sky garden, have more outdoor garden as a "back garden" of 3300 square meters, also launched hanchu opera, chu melody traditional culture endowment leisure activities, such as wuhan medical green channel 24 hours a day.

In September of last year the newspaper "search troupes" had to find out, was a little old man, a 87 - year - old grandma and zhu, a 88 - year - old grandpa deng is a university professor, the old couple have three children two abroad.Citizens to visit all satisfied, "environment and comfort didn't have to say, if the price could be slightly lower."From these high-end endowment institutions, according to data from the wuhan has thousands of the old man to sign up and check in, already enjoy the high-end endowment service in advance.

Kyushu life hall, head of the nursing home said, wuhan aging population structure, a large number of elderly need professional pension agency services.In recent years, wuhan has developed rapidly, increasing per capita disposable income, consumption ability and consumption idea and was also different.So, they are optimistic about the wuhan's high-end pension market, at present, nursing homes, on average, each month the new toll at about 50 people, is expected to about two years occupancy rate could reach 90%.